Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Lovely Weekend

How was everyone's mama's day weekend?  Hope yours was as lovely as mine was.  On Saturday, my boyfriend and I finally dusted off our bikes and took a very necessary ride through the neighborhood.  On summer nights, we like to ride aimlessly for hours, crossing railroad tracks, counting stars, and grabbing ice cream cones.  

We biked to Hayes Mansion, a local popular wedding/conference venue that I've always been in love with for its dreamy Gatsby/Hearst Castle-like vibe

Love seeing classic cars on the road. 

For mother's day, I made a photo garland with some old pictures.  My mom loved it!  Here are some closeups: 

In our old hometown, Carmel.  I must've been about 4 years old.

My lovely paternal grandmother, Eloise. 

This is one of my favorite photos of me & my mom, taking a little catnap :)

My beautiful maternal grandmother, Araceli.  I have this picture framed on my dresser. 

I tried out a new mini mocha cheesecake recipe that I found here.  It's actually really good and low in fat!  However, I would definitely advise using non-paper liners...


  1. Omg Dabs! Love the pics & espesh what you did for your mama! I am gna get my beach cruiser from aldos Aunt and we need to cruise! ily <3

  2. Hi Dabay! I luuurve these pics and the fact that you guys do evening bike rides. They are totally making me wish I was still out in San Fran. Before my trip, my Cali geography was so spotty that I wasn't sure where all the awesome bloggers (like yourself) were, or else I would have tried to do a meet-up!
    And YES! Loved Tartine! 100% heaven!