Sunday, November 7, 2010

Shopping Spree

{photos from Forever 21}

{Lanvin for H&M}

So....I was pretty naughty the past few days while visiting my besties in Vegas. I spent way too much dough on clothes, food & of course, booze. But hey, that's what Sin City's for. Among many, many other things, I bought the jacket & boots shown at top from the most HUMONGOUS, large & in charge Forever 21 I have EVER seen...and that's saying a lot. *Loves* And of course, I'm already looking into more duds that are absolutely unnecessary, like the drool-worthy Lanvin for H&M line coming out soon. (Ummm...hello, yellow.) My wallet is slowly recovering but I still miss my lovies and those blindingly bright lights like nobody's business. Until next time, LV...I bid you adieu.

Citizen Kane

I have forever been fascinated by twentieth century history, and particularly by the opulent life of media tycoon William Randolph Hearst. A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to take a day trip to visit his renowned estate in San Simeon. Hearst Castle sits atop a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean and anyone will tell you that it is massive, breathtaking, decadent, and downright fabulous. Between the imported fifteenth century ceilings and the gold-laden indoor pool, to the furniture no man would ever feel comfortable touching, Hearst's "ranch," as he called it, is a gorgeous masterpiece and a true labor of love. The eerie fog cascaded beautifully over the property during the night tour. I can just picture Marion Davies prepping for the night in her luxurious silks and furs, set to entertain Hollywood royalty. Sigh. A girl can dream.