Friday, November 18, 2011

A Southern Engagement, Part 2

On our last full day in Austin, we ventured to the city's highest point, Mt. Bonnell. Though tiny and low compared to our Californian standards, it still gave us a glorious view of the surrounding lake and hill country. 

I miss Austin already. I kept telling Ro on the morning we left that it felt like the morning after a sleepover with all my friends when I was a kid. That empty, sad feeling of spending Sunday alone after the wild elation of a night with all my friends. Sorry guys, I try not to let the emo out, but it finds its way to the surface every now and then. =/


We engaged, y'all! We just want to shout it from a mountain top! Luckily, we had one :)

So so happy

Christmas card, perhaps? 

A Southern Engagement

So on our vacay, Ro took me on a romantical boat ride on Lady Bird Lake in Austin. We picked up picnic supplies and ammo (as Ro proclaimed, "but babe...everything's so cheap here!") at a local Walmart (classy move of the day #1.) And we had a boat all to ourselves, taking in the view of the Austin skyline, which was pure magic. 

I had no idea what was coming...

Hello from the co-captains!

Classy  move of the day #2: champagne in red cups ;)

We're not cheesy. We're in lurrrrvvve!

Blowing my last kiss as a girlfriend before Ro got down on one knee and got me all misty-eyed :)

Moments after I said YES!

...the most perfect and unforgettable day of my life. I still get butterflies thinking about it!


I've been meaning to post these pictures from our trip to Texas for was an amazing trip, for a number of reasons ;)

I'll start off with some shots of my cousin's lovely home in the Texas hill country.

The house is named Desiderata, meaning "desired thing". I know why because the property is gorgeous, and so incredibly peaceful. I asked my cousin Stephanie how many cars drove by a day, and her husband said, "Five cars in one day is traffic." I love that!

They took us to Gruene, this small town with its own Main Street, and the oldest dance hall in Texas! Basically, it was heaven on earth.

I fell so deeply in love with Austin, with the quirky and friendly people, amazing barbecue, natural beauty, and abundance of things to do. We visited South Congress Ave know I can't resist good vintage and cupcakes!

We made a day trip down to San Antonio from Austin, and while I tried not to bore Roehl to tears at the Alamo, we of course had to stop by the Riverwalk. It was totally touristy but still beautiful and enchanting.