Friday, November 18, 2011

A Southern Engagement, Part 2

On our last full day in Austin, we ventured to the city's highest point, Mt. Bonnell. Though tiny and low compared to our Californian standards, it still gave us a glorious view of the surrounding lake and hill country. 

I miss Austin already. I kept telling Ro on the morning we left that it felt like the morning after a sleepover with all my friends when I was a kid. That empty, sad feeling of spending Sunday alone after the wild elation of a night with all my friends. Sorry guys, I try not to let the emo out, but it finds its way to the surface every now and then. =/


We engaged, y'all! We just want to shout it from a mountain top! Luckily, we had one :)

So so happy

Christmas card, perhaps? 


  1. Yes that's a really nice Christmas card!Yay! Great Posts! Can't wait to see Texas and for your wedding!

  2. Eeee! CONGRATS, Dabay!!! I'm so happy for you guys! Love these pics of both of you! You and your ring are gorgeous!