Friday, November 18, 2011


I've been meaning to post these pictures from our trip to Texas for was an amazing trip, for a number of reasons ;)

I'll start off with some shots of my cousin's lovely home in the Texas hill country.

The house is named Desiderata, meaning "desired thing". I know why because the property is gorgeous, and so incredibly peaceful. I asked my cousin Stephanie how many cars drove by a day, and her husband said, "Five cars in one day is traffic." I love that!

They took us to Gruene, this small town with its own Main Street, and the oldest dance hall in Texas! Basically, it was heaven on earth.

I fell so deeply in love with Austin, with the quirky and friendly people, amazing barbecue, natural beauty, and abundance of things to do. We visited South Congress Ave know I can't resist good vintage and cupcakes!

We made a day trip down to San Antonio from Austin, and while I tried not to bore Roehl to tears at the Alamo, we of course had to stop by the Riverwalk. It was totally touristy but still beautiful and enchanting.


  1. Wow Pearl...I can't wait to go to Texas! I'm going for sure in June next year....Nica said she'll apply to schools there too so we might be joining you!

  2. I've always wanted to go to Austin and Marfa, Texas. All your pics make me miss the States -- especially the South where it's still warm!