Friday, May 11, 2012

Spring in my Step

While I adore spring and my birth month, I am seriously not feeling these overwhelming allergies! I have to focus on the pretty things that keep me loving this otherwise amazing season. 

I found these lovely hand-painted champagne glasses at Goodwill.

They're oh-so-perfect for a good glass of bubbly al fresco.
My favorite way to serve champagne? Room temperature with a scoop of peach sorbet. It's an incredibly refreshing way to treat yourself!

I also started experimenting with watercolors for some stationery. I never used to care about paper until recently...I started noticing I was collecting cute notecards in all kinds of different patterns!

Devilish pollen aside, I'm excited spring is here. :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Things I'm Loving

Some little things that are inspiring me, and making me smile:

The stuff that lives in my purse, like my Ted Baker black/blush wallet, vintage cat eye sunglasses, Kate Spade iPhone case, sweet lemon body butter, and mini schnauzer key topper.

Spring breeze

My new 3-wick jasmine & mimosa candle. I'm freakishly obsessed with quality candles these all-time favorite candle scent is jasmine.

Feather jewelry, like these earrings I got in St. Thomas...

...and this necklace from Forever 21

Finding new ways to showcase my engagement ring, like this  distressed shower hook I picked up in New Orleans...

...and my new color block Zara heels I picked up in LA.

And last but not least, my crazy hodgepodge of antique/vintage/DIY wedding pile that's growing by the day...

...which I wouldn't have any other way. :)