Monday, October 24, 2011

A Taste of Autumn

Old favorites get me in the autumn mood

My little pup-kin waiting patiently..."Mom, are the cookies ready yet?!"

Lately, I've been putting in long hours at my new job, and I barely have any time for myself and loved ones. My favorite month is almost over, and I haven't even experienced the joys of it because of my crazy schedule. I finally managed to get a day off, and instead of staying in pj's all day watching TV, (I only did that for the first half of the day,) I decided to actually make something. 

A friend's Instagram post inspired me to bake some cookies. Her post featured some fab pumpkin whoopie pies, and although I like pumpkin, I've always favored apple cinnamon as my go-to fall flavor. So I scoured the web for awhile to find an apple cinnamon whoopie pie recipe, and got to cookin!

I must say...they're pretty addicting! 

And now I'm off to get some chavelas with an old friend. Trying not to think of all the work that awaits me tomorrow. :)

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