Monday, January 16, 2012

Engagement Party Weekend Snapshots

Holy's been FOREVER since I've posted and I really need to start documenting life better...I wasn't joking when I said my job was taking over my life! Things have calmed down, thankfully. Plus now when I get overwhelmed with my to-do list, I try to live by the silly but true words of a colleague of mine: "The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing." It's so weird but I live by this motto now, and try to keep it to one priority per day. 

Our engagement has been amazing so far, and we've been fortunate enough to secure a few of our vendors early on. This past week was a super fun wedding-related whirlwind, and I loved every second of it. On Thursday, I finally met our photographer Emily of Emily Takes Photos, at a book launch party for Meg Keene (author of A Practical Wedding.) It was an awesome little party in San Francisco, and I love, love, LOVE Emily! :)

On Friday, I picked up my bestie from the airport. Funny thing is...I drove from San Jose to San Francisco (about 1 hour) and circled 3 times while I was on the phone with her, not seeing her at all. She finally asked jokingly, "You're at Oakland Airport, right?" After a brief rage, I drove in bumper-to-bumper traffic across the bridge for another hour to Oakland. I finally picked her up 2 hours after she landed, and we tried to figure out where to eat. We finally decided on my favorite restaurant, which is in Palo Alto...all the way back across the bay. We ended the night by my work, which is where I started. Needless to say, one full tank gone in one day. Boo.

The rest of the weekend was a dream. We had our engagement party at my house, after I slaved redecorating and literally pulled Extreme Home Makeover in my living room! It was awesome and everyone had the time of their lives! (Don't you love how I speak for them?) 

Sunday was a day dedicated to dress shopping, with my beloved bridesmaids and mama. We started off with brunch and mimosas at Evergreen Inn, and went to 3 shops, where I tried on about 30 dresses. Yes, I am loco. But I had a blast and am so thankful I had my girls there with me. I think I might have even found a winner. ;)

Here are some snapshots of our weekend:

Me with the photo banner I made
*Photo Credit: my bridesmaid Ali via Instagram

Cupcakes made by my amazing cousin Karla
*Photo Credit: my bridesmaid Ali via Instagram

Our loved ones (Zoe & Dobie being a little shy)
*Photo Credit: My super talented bestie boo, Francesca. Check out her work here.

Me & my BM's, before I tried on a shizz load of dresses
*Photo Credit: my bridesmaid Amanda via Instagram

Me & my mama bear at the bridal salon
*Photo Credit: my bridesmaid Amanda via Instagram

So many awesome memories with the people I love most. Cheers to a new year, and more wedding posts! :)

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