Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Much Needed Vacay, Part 1

Even though I felt guilty about leaving some work stuffs unattended, I knew that Fi-Fi and I needed a vacay ASAP! It's funny because I booked this trip for us as a surprise anniversary trip months ago, but we got engaged and I felt pressure to call it off in order to save money for our...you know, nuptials. Luckily for us, the trip was non-refundable and non-transferable, basically non-anything, so woe is us...we just had to go. ;)

We visited my future sister-in-law in Florida, where she took us beach cruising in South Beach, and showed us a grand old time.

We then boarded our cruise ship (we had never been on a cruise before!) and were basically in awe of the nonstop food being shoved in our faces, and never ending activities! Ex: 24/7 pizza therefore results in my happy pizza dance...DUH!

And they played movies in the open Caribbean air. 50 first dates...one of my faves!

Hang tight...I've got a couple more posts up my sleeve. :)

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