Sunday, May 8, 2011

Wishing, Wanting

At the risk of sounding childish, I've decided to create a birthday wishlist for my quarter-century birthday right around the corner.  First off, I've been dreaming of this supple leather clutch by Clare Vivier that I first spotted on one of my favorite blogs, The Asian Cajuns.  *Swoon*  

Next, I'd love to add this beauty to my rapidly growing coffee table book collection.  Fellini is one of my favorite directors of all time.  If you have not yet seen La Dolce Vita, I am commanding you add it to your queue immediately!  It's luscious and haunting, and leaves you feeling like you had the most awesome sleepover and now it's Sunday and your last friend is leaving. Sad, and yet you had the best time while it lasted.

I've been wanting this NARS cream stick for awhile now, but I just could never justify spending 40 bucks on 1 makeup item.  Of course, I would choose the gorgeous and most commonly misconstrued shade, Orgasm.  

Lastly but not leastly, it would be absolutely amazeballs if these were to magically appear under my pillow next Wednesday...sorry I tend to confuse birthdays with major childhood milestones involving mythical gift-giving creatures.  I saw these on a coworker last week and seriously contemplated snatching them off her ears when she was in my cube.  What can I say?  Nicole Richie be makin' some seriously badass jewelry lately.

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