Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lighten Up

So I've been a little restless with my hair as of late.  I keep cutting it, trimming it, gradually changing the color...but nothing seems to ever "do it" for me.  I decided to go to someone new the other day, and try a super subtle ombré look.  My new girl is so sweet and easy to relate to that I can't ever see myself going anywhere else from now on.  See for yourself.  Nothing too drastic, but I'm in lurve with my new look.

Boring brown, blah blah blah...

Voilà!  A few sunny streaks and some honest-to-goodness toner later, and I am a new woman.  I feel like I'm looking summer right in the eye saying, "I may look like crap in a bikini, but damn it I've got some sexy ass summer-ready hair.  So HA!" 

So yeah...onto that whole bikini part.  One step at a time, I suppose.