Sunday, April 17, 2011

Come Fly With Me

I had such an amazing time today with my dear friend Ali, author of the lovely blog, A Pearl in the World.  We ventured up to Mt. Hamilton, the highest peak in our area, boasting about 4,200 feet.  It houses a series of telescopes, and has some of the best views around.  An annoyingly dense layer of fog blanketed the valley below, but made for some lovely photography, in my opinion.  

 It's Laurentine, Mr. Hamilton if you're nasty

We rounded off our wonderful morning with coconut waffles & mimosas at a locally loved restaurant, The Evergreen Inn.  Thank you Miss Ali for the amazing photography and for styling/posing my clueless self!

What did you lovelies do this weekend?


  1. omg you girls look like you had so much fun!! xx

  2. awe! i wish i could be there with y'all. did you take pics of ali?!

  3. Omg these came out so good! I wish fran was there too!!!! She took some pics of me but i was lookin busted as hell lol no make up & nappy herrr & swore her not to post the close ups hahahaha :) great post P, i cant wait for the next adventure!

  4. This looks SO fun. Your pictures are amazing <3