Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Breath of Fresh Air

This upcoming weekend, my boyfriend and I will be celebrating his birthday at our timeshare near Yosemite.  (These are the moments I feel so lucky to be a California pearl; in close proximity to literally everything!)  

Anywho, a gal like myself can't just wear some sloppy duds...swapping comfort for chic, I must play the rugged role to the best of my ability...Who am I kidding?  My camping tales are legendary and I can go days without a shower, living on hotdogs and beer.  I didn't win Camper of the Year just by sittin' pretty!  But it sure is nice to imagine all the delightful outfits I should be wearing against the dramatic background of some of the world's most gorgeous scenery!

1. Rugged yet fabulous ankle boots, courtesy of Asos
2. Classic plaid button-up in Spring hues, from Forever 21
3. Some skinny cargos to stuff knives and trail mix in my pockets, similar to these
4. A beautiful earth-toned scarf, also from Forever 21
5. For those rainy afternoons, this trench-cape is perfect, and on sale at ModCloth!

And of course, there's no way I can leave home without some of the basic necessities: 
-The new love of my life, (sorry babe,) the Canon t2i.  
-Andre champagne (let's all just finally admit to ourselves that cheap thrills are obviously always the most fun)
-I would never be caught dead without my Tide to-go because I am, hands down, the messiest eater you will ever come across
-And last but not least, my savior, Batiste dry shampoo which smells divine and soaks up all that greasy HOT-MESSness.

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