Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just Peachy.

You will come to realize that I just love any & all shades of peach, coral, salmon, what have you.  And I have been told on occasion that hues of this variety suit me well.  Who knows, these people may have been colorblind, but I still die for these peachy tones.  This post was inspired by my lovely friend Amanda who just recently gifted me with some faboosh coral beaded necklaces that I've been dying to wear.  This dress, worn as a blouse, is one of my closet treasures.  And since I have curves, (not always in the right places,) I thought it would be nice to balance it with something a little more fitted on the bottom.  Business below, party on top, you get the idea.  Also note the pretty button detailing on the back.

Forev dress (worn as blouse) & earrings
Sparkle and Fade skirt (via Urban Outfitters)
Michael Antonio platforms (some of my favorites!)


  1. Ahww, Thanks friend! You inspire me! =)