Monday, March 14, 2011

Color Me Fabulous

Don't you just love my new 'do?  My good friend had the uber fabulous idea to throw a fantasy hair-themed bash for her birthday this past weekend, and man did we have a ball! Before you get your knickers in a bunch, obviously this is not my real hair, even though it would be pretty fierce if it was!  The bf even threw on a piece and...he looked like a fool. (lol bless his heart; he was still handsome.)  If you could choose any theme for your birthday party, what would it be?

I'm wearing a Selé pleather dress, Forev butterfly-sleeved bolero, and Guess snakeskin heels.  Had to show up with my A-game goods 'cause these girls don't play! 


  1. I thought i'd be able to answer this one fast but im kinda stuck. Hmm. I'd have a..fake eyelashes theme? even for the guys? ah maybe not? ok your friend looks like wendy williams! & wendy also wears wendy your friend?? Love all the wigs! yours is the best.

  2. hahaha lashy girl! we should totally plan that party.