Saturday, March 12, 2011

Never Full.

In a tribute to some of my fellow bloggers who have done purse posts lately, I've decided to jump on the bandwagon and divulge the contents of my beloved (huge ass) bag.  PLUS, I am now the proud new owner of my first DSLR camera!!!  It seemed to be a never ending battle debating Canon vs. Nikon, but in the end, I'm a Canon girl and I decided to go with the Rebel t2i.  I'm over the moon for this baby and I wanted to test out its abilities on this here little post.  So here goes...

Pretty ridic for a girl to tote around a purse of such epic proportions only to carry such few items, but I am in lurrrvvve with my Louis Neverfull purse, so I made an exception.  (I usually stow away lunch items and snacks in here too, so I truly look like a bag ladayyyy.  Didn't want to freak y'all out with copious amounts of food spilling out of the top.)  Drum roll, please.

Gucci wallet (sturdy and sleek)
iPh'n 4 (duh)
Ray-Ban shades (because I feel like a boss when I mob around in these)
My grandma's monogrammed mirror (since I love the intricacy
and I'm a sucker for monogram engravings)
Inglot lipgloss (what MAC?  this gloss is the best, the end)
Extra pair of sassy earrings in case the occasion arises
Sexy Little Things Noir mini perfume (this scent is to-die and reminds
me of Nola, so it's a no-brainer.)

Let's hope my future posts prove my reading of the camera manual because I am so not ready to jump into all that jazz just yet. 


  1. Wow seriously a camera makes a huge difference! I've been wondering what it is about these great photos these other bloggers use. Now I see that a camera really does make a difference! SERIOUSLY pearl this looks professional. Great post!

  2. Who takes all these pictures?? They are sweet! And your page is awesome btw!

  3. i love this post >> love the purse and the wallet and the sunglasses lol