Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Walk in the Park

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending my second SF Giants game of the season, courtesy of my company & some amazing colleagues. (I'm taking my dad to another game on Friday, too!)

Since I haven't been too diligent about taking pictures lately, I made it a point to snap away as soon as we stepped off the train. We stopped at the American Grilled Cheese Kitchen, which was phenomenal. I never knew a grilled cheese could be so artisan and gourmet.  We chatted, dined, and even made a couple new friends. :)

At the game, the energy was amazing. But after a few innings, it was pretty obvious we weren't going to win, so I got to snapping away again. Giants games are always a blast, especially since we won the series last year; the energy is infectious!  By the time we took the train back into town, I was beat.  Good thing I had the day off today to sleep in and all that jazz...

Are you all ready for September? I can't believe it's already here, but I'm excited because it heralds the arrival of my absolute favorite season in the world! 

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  1. Nom nom nommm! Grilled cheese sounds sooo good right now! I love how your pics looks so color-coordinated! Hope you have a blast at tonight's game too, Dabay!