Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pearls Gone Wild.

I definitely had my fill of debauchery in San Diego last weekend.  My friend Lauren is about to get mawwied and we had to go out in proper bachelorette style.  Poolside mimosas, fine cuisine, and raging (almost) all-nighters...you get the picture.  It was an all-around fabulous time in a whale's vajayjay.

I have hot friends.  So sue me!

Dangling ding dongs ran rampant

Man, I love that city. 

3 am photo sesh.  Too bad we didn't get to try out all of our "situations"

D & D.

Definitely got some HILAR bachelorette pics.  But we are ladies, and I shall only post the first of the naughty bunch. ;)

Note to self: never trust Italian pedi cab drivers.  But definitely give it a try at least once!

'Twas a wild weekend, indeed.

Until next time, San Diego...stay classy ;)

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