Monday, September 5, 2011

A Family BBQ

And what exactly did my Monday entail? You guessed it...more babies! I'm just reaching that point in my life where all of my nearest & dearest are getting married and having beautiful babies. How lucky am I?

This cutie patootie is Markian, my boyfriend's baby bro. Before, when I would hear people say that a baby was so cute that they could eat him up, I was confused at their cannibalistic-sounding term of endearment.  Now, I completely understand...I am in LOVE with Markian and find myself kissing his hands and feet for no reason at all!

**Side note...just in case my weekend wasn't baby-oriented enough for you, we spent a lovely quiet evening Saturday catching up on a Harry Potter marathon with our dear friends, who are one month away from having a little one of their own!

Watching airplanes :)

After Roehl barbecued some delicious burgers, we took our bikes out and cruised around a nearby lake.  It was so perfect getting to relax and spend time together before we head back to work tomorrow. I'll definitely be counting down the days until next weekend!

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