Monday, July 18, 2011

My First Time Whale Watching...

Along with the wedding on Saturday, we jam-packed our weekend with other adventures, including sake bombs on Friday for my friend's birthday, and whale watching on Sunday.  Other than dragging on for 5+ hours, it was a pretty cool experience.  I tried my best not to puke my brains out as the small boat bounced mercilessly along the Pacific  Ocean.  After a quick nap and 2 cup o' noodles, I felt a bit better and managed to have a good time.  We saw quite a few sea beasts, and even managed to snap a decent up-close shot, (see photo # 2.) 

Obviously, I was ecstatic to be back on land, so we ventured out to lunch at one of our favorite Carmel restaurants, and then to the beach, of course!

I don't think I'll ever feel the need to go whale watching ever again; I'm somewhat more of an adrenaline junkie.  That's why I can't wait to finally go white water rafting in a few weeks!  God, I love's going to take a lot of adjustment if we ever decide to move.  Hope you all had a fun-filled dreamy weekend!


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  1. How do you manage to look so good after being seasick?! I'm so impressed! When any of my travels go sour I hide my camera and just grumble and whine. Looks like the rest of the day was a blast though!