Monday, April 23, 2012

Portraits of a dear friend

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of taking some portraits of my dear friend Ali (I swear this blog is looking more and more like an ode to her each day LOL!) She's graduating from San Francisco State in a few short weeks, and she wanted some classy pictures for her invitation. I've been cooped up in the house sick for the past week, so of course I was up for the challenge! Take a look at some of my favorites:

We shot 3 outfits in 3 different locations on her gorgeous property, where I always love to photograph. We had a delish sushi dinner after at one of my favorite spots. It was such a lovely relaxing afternoon spent helping out a dear friend. I'm so proud of you, pearl!  


  1. I appreciate this so much pearl. I had a blast and you are so good at this! please continue your photography and I'm down to compromise my integrity to work with you on aaaannnyyy kind of photoshoot, (ie: naked, s&m, whatever.) lol :) love you and your shrine of me on your blog!

  2. These are gorgeous! And I totally want to steal her stripey dress!

  3. I love you girls! I really love the one that is 4th from the top...side angle of Ali with her shoulder poking through and her big earring. I'm still developing my photographic eye but know I love that one but not sure why.